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Thank you for checking into my services.


Fully Customized & Personalized Wedding Ceremony & Rehearsal - Written for you and only you!

Starting at $795

Bride's Fully Customized & Personalized Ceremony Questionaire

Groom's Fully Customized & Personalized Ceremony Questionaire

(Wondering why a higher investment than for other San Diego Officiants? - "Click Here")

(Read why your ceremony will be very much about you in a "Uniquely You" way.)

My meeting and planning timeline is drastically different from the standard show up, say a few standard words, and sign the marriage certificate type officiant/Minister.

A VERY different Ceremony Planning & Design method...

Below are some of the details as to why, but first let me tell you about the time commitment for planning meetings;

Our 1st meeting, will be approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. to ensure we like each other ( I know that sounds a little pretentious but it is important ) and that we have a good understanding of what you desire.

The second meeting, will occur after you, your fiance', and other key role people have completed some history and details homework. This meeting will take approximately 1 to 2 hours of discussion and detailed planning.

Our Final meeting before the rehearsal, unless we need more collaboration, will take about an hour.

I attend the rehearsal at no additional cost and insist on attending the rehearsal for many important reasons, the least of which is to create a level of comfort for everyone.

Most couples aren’t sure they want to have a rehearsal and don’t realize how important it is to get comfortable with their wedding ceremony. Everyone wants to get comfortable with what’s about to happen before the actual ceremony.

My services to you include planning your ceremony in a detailed personal interview, online planning support, unlimited phone, e-mail support, and a PDF or Word formatted guide to wedding vows as a starting point, along with an easy selection process for creating the ceremony you desire. I will also provide you with a wonderful resource for creating a meaningful and a truly personalized ceremony.

You’ll have more activities going on throughout your wedding day, but it all comes down to the 20 to 40 minutes you entrust to your wedding officiant and the style they shall utilize in performing your ceremony. All of the dreams, time, effort, and money you have invested in your wedding planning will come to fruition during this small portion of an hour.

You will be making a  public statement of love and commitment to each other as husband and wife. There will be cameras and video capturing every moment of this portion of your wedding and shall be forever saved.  Each second of your ceremony, the gorgeous images, your words, your emotion, and the most important aspect - the decisions you have made for your public presentation of your love and commitment to each other with style and personality eternally captured for you, your family, and friends to remember and reminisce.

What is a Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

The only perfect wedding ceremony is the wedding ceremony that you have in mind and it has been well designed to display your taste and style. It is designed to engage your audience and connect with them nearly as much as you and your new spouse. Sharing these moments is the primary goal of any wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you would certainly have eloped instead of sharing these few cherished moments.

It only makes sense that your ceremony should be performed in commonly spoken, conversational English, in order for everyone to garner the full meaning of the words being spoken in order for everyone to feel the emotional elements of your ceremony.

The picture that is being painted in words during your wedding ceremony should convey your taste and style in a way that involves everyone as key parts of your ceremony and creates one of the most memorable weddings that they may have ever attended.

There is a wealth of opportunity to create some very special moments for you, your soon-to-be spouse,  family, and friends.
Even some of the best traditions sometimes need an update.

Emotion and Feelings are what makes weddings special.

If you have ever seen a great movie and read a touching novel, you know the emotional response it evoked. Just consider what went into developing the scenarios for the desired emotional response.

It doesn’t just happen by chance. And, neither should your wedding ceremony.

We will work together to create the moments you’ve imagined and maybe we’ll design some you hadn’t thought of.

The unique approach which I utilize in developing you wedding ceremony may be a little involved but it’ll be the perfectly you design of taste and style.

As your wedding Officiant/Minister, I prefer to approach your ceremony as an opportunity to demonstrate to all those present at your wedding exactly what your wedding day means to you on so many levels. I can offer you a wealth of unique ideas that might be used in making your wedding ceremony truly yours, all this while considering the photography, videography, entertaining aspects for your guests, and probably the most important consideration - Love.

I’m NOT the show up, say a few standardized words, sign the license, and then leave kind of Minister/Officiant.

Neither do I assume that you, witnessed, participated in, or know how a wedding ceremony should be performed. Which is why every aspect of your wedding ceremony is discussed in great detail in advance and then rehearsed.

As a Wedding Officiant / Minister, Certified Wedding Planner/Consultant, Wedding Master of Ceremonies for over 30 years, and a critical witness and participant in hundreds of wedding, I know that far more goes into a beautiful wedding ceremony than ever meets the eye.

As a matter of fact, the most effective communication in a wedding ceremony takes place without a single word being spoken. You know something is great, quite often, without any words being spoken. It’s sensed, for one reason or another, that what you just experienced is  unique, special, and memorable.  
Again, it doesn’t happen automatically and together we will choreograph the ebb and flow in a way that is finely tuned to your taste and style.

Your rehearsal commitment.

Most rehearsals are typically a half hour in length, which is hardly enough time to practice walking let alone all the other things you need to know about and become more comfortable.

Typically, my rehearsals are about an hour and a half in length, significantly longer than most and it primarily to ensure each of the key people in your wedding ceremony are familiar with their role, transitions, and, of course, that everyone is comfortable.

Also please note- I will never send a substitute to rehearse for me- only I perform my rehearsals.

Your wedding ceremony rehearsal is critical to your public presentation of your love and commitment to each other, which is why I personally assist you during the rehearsal.

Your ceremony is as always thoroughly planned.

We will strive to make your ceremony unlike you, your friends, or your family have ever seen. We will make consideration of the scenic imagery, words that convey your sentiments, photographic positioning, and participation of family and friends to the desired degree.

Your ceremony will be inspiring and appealing as your guests will be treated to seeing you publicly express your love and commitment to each other in a “uniquely you” way instead of the same old “been there done that /seen that” way.

You can put your heart into your wedding ceremony in ways that are special. Use some or all of the options I offer, ceremony styles, and online store accessories. You will genuinely impress your guests with the thought and consideration that has gone into your wedding ceremony and ensuring that it’s as enjoyable for them as it is for you.


Make an investment in the perfect blend of Fun, Romance, and Memories that reflect your personal style.

Your memories are waiting to be created!


string of pearls

Elopement Ceremony -

Starting at $300


For Couples Requiring & Desiring the Performance of an Elopement Ceremony.

This is a simple 15 minute ceremony and it is simple yet eloquent. A ceremony desired by couples that want more than the justice of the peace in a tiny office at the registrar.

Essentially, You'd like to have an Officiant perform your ceremony at a nice location with a few select people and yet have a well spoken and meaningful ceremony performed by someone that has the expereince to be articulate. All while allowing for beautiful surroundings for your ceremony photos.

My service to you includes performance of a well spoken ceremony, completion & submission of your license, e-mail/text/phone support, and minimally personalized scripted ceremony & vows.

(This Elopement Ceremony does not allow for anything more than a great location, a few (less than 10) honored guests, and maybe a photographer. It does not fit into this category when it is anything more than the very basics. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.)

Please remember; This service DOES NOT include a REHEARSAL.



Ceremony Sound System & Technician

Starting at $250


For Couples Requiring & Desiring a sound system with someone to run it for the ceremony. This system can provide sound for up to 300 guests and includes Audio Playback via IPod or other MP3 source, 2 wireless Lavaliere/Lapel microphones, and 1 Technician to run the system.

Please remember; This service DOES NOT include your REHEARSAL.



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A somewhat lengthy dissertation on types of wedding officiants / ministers.


First a few details for your consideration and then some explanation of what we do as a wedding minister, which is more than a justice of peace or a justice of the peace. An officiant or wedding officiate is the person who is ordained to perform a wedding in a church or outside of a church. More commonly, someone that designated themselves as a wedding officiant or is part of a group of officiants is an ordained minister focused on performing only wedding ceremonies as the stated wedding officiant outside of a church or religious environment . They “minister” the wedding or become ordained to officiate a civil ceremony.

To become an ordained minister for weddings is not the typically exhaustive education required to become a minister of a church. Most marriage officiant’s become an ordained minister online solely to perform a non-religious wedding, unlike a wedding priest who does go through seminary. Wedding ministers are often described as non-denominational wedding ministers, non-denominational officiant, marriage minister, a wedding pastor,  secular wedding officiant, or ceremony officiant, along with other general terms for a wedding officiant.

There are others that are identified by the terms of;  wedding rabbi, wedding clergy, interfaith minister, ordained ministers who have attended an ordained ministry college in order to become an ordained minister for religious purposes. These people may or may not have attended a degree program to attain ordination.

If you desire someone that is collegiately ordained by a church group affiliated institution to perform your  interfaith wedding or to religiously minister for your wedding. My advice is to utilize your church clergy or find a church that will provide a staff minister to officiate a religiously oriented wedding for you.

The action to become an officiant, however, is not required to make your non-denominational wedding officiant a legal representative, who can perform or be an officiant in San Diego or any of the other 48 states that recognize minister ordination online as legally capable of doing a county wedding officiant  action. Generally they are being officiants for weddings, non-denominational minister for a non-denominational wedding ceremony.

Often times because of the desires of the bride and groom or ethnic influences the desire for a non-denominational officiant is preferred over their church clergy. Specifically to avoid the religious elements conflicting with desired flow of the ceremony and the friction it may potentially cause for the families.

Thus, we offer non-denominational wedding and elopement ceremonies for truly great couples in the San Diego area and beyond.


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